When it comes to toes we often neglect them .Out of all the body parts they tend to be overlooked ,forgotten and some just don’t like them .Your toe digits play an important rollin your daily life .The big toe along with the little toe help with balance ,they bear weight when standing and the big toe is vital in contributing to the proper arch of the foot .It also provides additional leverage for propulsion(forcing forward movement).Western hard soled shoes tend to have a damaging effect on the feet and adding some foot mobility and exercises in will help mitigate this damage .
Get your feet working well and see your performance improve .

   Focus on restoring and maintaining the full functionality of the feet . .
Try to get in some bare foot walking if it is possible as this helps the small intrinsic muscles in the feet to actually work.
Doing some foot and toe exercises like some toe yoga daily can help maintain and restore your foot function .Your feet will thank you. .

foot and toe exercises (toe yoga ).

   The little toe lift off
try to lift the 4 little toes off the ground while the big toe stays in contact with the ground .This can be done standing or seated . In the beginning it will seem tough but with practise there will be a steady improvement . When first doing these it can help to press the big toe down until you develop the ability to separate the toes .

The big toe lift off . So same aim as before but now you retrying to lift only the big toe keeping the four others relaxed and on the ground .Like he first exercise pressing the little toes down n the beginning will help you to get the feel for this .

  Jandas short foot exercise
this is about establishing the arch and gaining awareness of the tripod effect you want to feel in the foot .Establish the three point tripod in the foot ,weight in just behind the big toe ,weight in just behind the little toe and also feeling weight in the heel .Once established unweight the foot aim to push the toes into the ground you will feel the arch raise .Aim is to get 5 ten second holds with this one

  These three exercises are a great start to awakening the feet and restoring function to them to.

Try these out and see if they help for further info and help please don’t hesitate to contact me