Cryo-stimulation is the application pf extreme cold -100 to -180 degrees Celsius for a short time period to trigger the bodies physical reaction to the cold . Cryo –stimulation is used in sports medicine in the treatment of both chronic and acute soft tissue injuries . It has a natural analgesic effect with a rush of oxygenated blood and a reduction in muscle tension to the treatment area.

Cryo-stimulation is used to reduce pain and inflammation to the targeted area .It also has a natural pain relief effect on the body that can last several hours ,days even weeks after the treatment.

It promotes healing and aids in rapid recovery ,post surgery recovery time can be significantly reduced using localised cryo stimulation .

  • Reduces treatment time
  • Speeds up healing and recovery time
  • Provides natural pain relief .
  • Improved circulation increasing metabolic processes.
  • Relaxes tension in joints and muscles .




Crystimulation per session (Around 30 minutes)

£ 40

Full body Cyro massage

£ 70

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