Bronze Plan

£ 135

The Bronze Package
This package consists of 2 massages in month with a Prehab /Rehab assessment and screening with a 4 week rehab/Prehab training plan .THe rehab /Prehab is tailored to your specific needs.

  • Two cryo/massages one every two weeks
  • Prehab/Rehab assessment and screening
  • Prehab/Rehab plan with exercises
  • one check in


    Silver Plan

    £ 300

    This package consists of four cryo,massages in a month one a week for weeks .there is a Prehab/Rehab session with assessment and screening as well as a rehab/prehab plan for the month Great course of treatment to get over any niggles or to kickstart a recovery after injury plan .

    • Four cryo/massage in the month ,one per week
    • Prehab/Rehab assessment and screening
    • Prehab /rehab plan with exercises
    • Check in every 2 weeks to make sure rehab/rehab is on track


      Gold plan

      £ 500

      This Package is the highest level of care .It consists of 2 massages per week for four weeks along side a personalised rehab plan with screening and assessments .This also includes weekly check ins. This package can be used for injury rehab and or prevention .It can also be a great way to really work on either mobility or other movement issues

      • 8 Cryo /Massages .2 per week for 4 weeks
      • A Prehab/rehab session individually tailored for your needs.
      • Assessment and screening
      • Prehab/Rehab plan with exercises
      • One check in a week to make sure rehab /rehab is going to plan
      • ongoing online support