Stretching can help improve flexibility. Stretching will aid the muscles in moving more which will help increase blood flow and help keep the musculature working well.It can also help with posture ,stretching the tight areas can help open them up and along with corrective strength training prehab and or rehab can improve posture.
It can help with injury prevention but is not a cure all .

With increased blood flow also will come better nutrient uptake .As more blood is able to pass through this brings with it more nutrition to the musculature
Stretching can also be helpful in calming the mind .It can provide a mental and physical break which allows you to recharge and refresh
Stretching can help release tension ,when overwhelmed or stressed we tend to tense our muscles as defensive strategy .It can help with stress management as if done gently and slowly can bring a sense of calm to a busy mind.
Below are some example of different types of stretches .

  • Dynamic
  • Static
  • PNF
  • Passive
  • Active stretching
  • Ballistic

The two most common types of stretching are static and dynamic.
Static this involves holding the stretch in a comfortable position for a period of time . This could be 10 seconds all the way up to a few minutes .
Dynamic these are active movements that cause your muscles to stretch ,but the stretch is not held at the end .

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