“Andy Swan has given me treatment 7 times and each time he has exceeded my expectations. I came to Andy suffering serious neck and back issues caused by a high stress environment, and having seen many other massage therapists before, I had specific standards which needed to be met. Andy set new standards with his treatments. Thanks to Andy, I have very little trouble with these areas anymore. Not only does Andy give treatments, but he really cares about his clients and their well-being and so he also assigns them personal little exercises which help you to deal with any issues before they become big problems. Andy is great and I would be happy to send him any family, friends or strangers for a treatment because I think that all could get something from it.”

Briony Shay de Klerk

“I have been a client of Andy’s since he become qualified within the industry and each year has seen him improve in leaps and bounds, not only as a professional but also in his practice. I mention these as separate things, even when they appear to be the same, as Andy has developed a professional yet engaging manner which puts you at ease from the start. Also, as his energy comes from his passion for the therapy and he pushes himself further in field of massage treatment, allowing him to improve his practice too. I have received treatment in the form of his sports therapy massage, his A.I.S. (activated isolated stretching) and his NO HANDS therapy; and although all were great, my favourite and the one which saw the best results was the NO HANDS therapy. I would happily recommend anyone to Andy for treatment. In my opinion, there are few who know as much or are able to help as much as Andy Swan. “

Justin Noppe

“In my line of work I am constantly on my feet, working long stressful hours. However, after a treatment from Andy Swan I truly feel as if I’ve had a weekend break.”

Keir Bottrill

“Ten years of back pain have been relieved by Andy Swan where as painkillers have masked the pain, Andy was able to tap into the underlining cause and relieved the problem with amazing results.”

Glenn Stevens