Breath work what is it ? It is a term used for various breathing practises in which the conscious control of breathing is used to change a persons mental, physical and emotional state .

Most people tend to have dysfunctional breathing patterns and by that we tend to use our mouths to breath . This is not the best way for us as humans to breath . We seem to have forgotten that we have a nose on the front of our face which was designed especially for this purpose .Mouth breathing doesn’t allow for filtration or warming of the intake of air .When we use our nose the tiny hair follicles and membranes capture dirt and particles and allows for a warming of the air to take place which in turn ,due to the slower intake it also allows our lungs to better absorb oxygen .For enhancing performance and improving day to day life Nasal breathing is the way forward .

Controlling ones breath will help with stress management ,performance improve focus there are many benefits to improving ones breath control .

some examples of breath work are



  • Holotropic breath work
  • Wim hof method
  • 4 7 8 breathing method
  • Resonant or coherent breathing.
  • Pranayama  .

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